On a visit to Lionpark Township, we found a poor kitten lying next to a road, hit by a car and left to die.

We rushed him to our vet, who informed us that he has a number of injuries, but the most severe one was a very badly broken leg. An amputation would be the least expensive, as the kind of operation he needed, is very costly.

We were faced with a very difficult decision, losing a leg, or doing an expensive operation.

We decided to have the operation done, as this would be the best for this little kitty.

PLEASE help us by making a kind donation to the shelter to help us with our vet bills, and then we can continue helping injured or sick animals.

Donate all your jumble, books, household items, appliances, kitchenware, furniture, lawnmowers, garden tools, bedding, anything you don’t need anymore to us.

Sign up for a debit order here on the website by the donation section.

Or deposit money into our bank account.


  • Nedbank Fourways
  • Account 1684133556
  • Branch 198765
Thank you and kind regards!

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