Adoption Criteria

Most of our pets have come from seriously disadvantaged backgrounds and have frequently undergone rehabilitation and re-socialising activities at the 4Paws Animal Shelter.

In order to ensure we match the perfect pet to the perfect family, we need to maintain certain adoption criteria so we can be sure they go to loving families where their lives will be vastly improved.

In addition to the items below, we would normally do a home check to see if the environment is safe and suitable.


Adoption process: 

  • Fill in an application
  • Home check (must be approved)
  • Adoption fee (which includes the nessasary vet care before the adoption)
  • Collect fur-baby


Please note the adoption fee differs depending on the animal that is being adopted.

Adoption Criteria for Dogs:

  • Is the garden fully fenced/walled ?
  • Is the garden big enough for the dog you want to adopt?
  • Who would be home with the dog/s during the day ?
  • Where would the dog/s sleep ?
  • Who would be responsible for the feeding and watering ?
  • Who would walk the dog/s ?
  • Would arrangements be made to take care of the dog/s during the family vacation?
  • Is there a pool/will it be covered if the dog can’t swim?
  • Do you have other animals that may feel threatened by a new arrival?

Adoption Criteria for Cats:

  • Are the other inhabitants of the home (dogs etc.) cat friendly?
  • Would there be any problems with neighbours’ dogs
  • Is there a garden to the cat/kitten to play in?
  • Where would the cat/kitten sleep.
  • Is the home on a busy road.
  • Would arrangements be made to take care of the cat/s during the family vacation?
  • Do you have other animals that may feel threatened by a new arrival?
  • Will the cat be an inside cat or outside cat?


When adopting a cat, because most come to us in very bad conditions there is a very high change that the cat could have either FELINE LEAUKEMIA, and FELINE AIDS. Previous conditions could cause stress in the animal and trigger these diseases. Compromised immune system are more likely to test positive but can be vaccinated to prevent infection. Testing isn’t always accurate as it can sometimes lie dormant and can then be triggered by a new environment such as getting adopted and having to adjust to this new environment.

If you think you comply to our Adoption Criteria, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

Should your adoption application be successful, the price to adopt a dog is R1100, a puppy R1100- R1500 (depending on the amount of vaccinations received) and R900 to adopt a cat, Kittens are R1000-R1300 (depending on the amount of vaccinations received)

This price includes the first vaccinations as well as sterilization and deworming.

Thank you for considering adopting one of our pets!

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